Victorian Door Knobs





During the "Victorian" Periodó1840 -1900ólocks and latches of cast iron, brass or sheet iron were fitted with a wide variety of knobs. For this reason the "Victorian" locks we offer are priced without knobs so that you may select the type that you desire from the following listing.

One of the most noticeable developments of the Victorian period was the widely used mineral knob, in White, Bennington Brown, and Black. These knobs were patented by John Pepper in 1851. Mr. Cornelius Erwin, of Russell and Erwin, helped him form "The Mineral Knob Company" to produce these knobs and Russell and Erwin, as well as other companies, used his products on thousands of their own locks.



Cat. No.





Cast brass knob with cast rosette, 2-1/2" knob dia.




Cast brass knob with cast rosette, 2-3/4" knob dia.




The V100 knobs are "flatter" in shape than our F32 knobs and are suitable for all cast iron locks.




2-1/4" dia. recessed decoration in the center, bands around the edge, can be made in brass, bronze, or white bronze as shown, at the same price.




2-1/4" dia. with brass shank and 2" dia. cast iron rose. Our reproduction of one of the most used patterns. White, undecorated china.




2-1/4" dia. ORIGINAL "Bennington" stripped brown knobs. No reproductions made at the time of printing. Available from present supply only.




2-1/4" dia. with steel, bronze plated shank and cast iron rose. Black china body. Price listed is for "new" stock from about 1920-1930.




2" Glass knob with brass base and cast brass rose. Octagon shape, pressed design in knob center. Present supply was made about 1930 -1940. Picture shown is only an example.


Victorian Cabinet and Furniture Knobs


Cat. No.





Imported Black Wood Knob with Brass Face. 1-1/8" dia.




Imported Cast Brass Knob. 1-1/2" diameter.




Imported Cast Brass Knob. 1-1/4" diameter.




Imported Cast Brass Knob. 1-1/4" diameter.



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