The earlier fireplaces were not equipped with cranes, but had instead a crude wooden "lug-pole" from which the old trammels were hung. These trammels had various raising and lowering devices, sometimes just a simple chain and hook; sometimes a saw-tooth-and-catch arrangement; or again, a bar with holes at regular intervals for catching the hook. They were often fashioned and decorated with considerable skill.

In time, the lug-pole and its trammels were superseded by the wrought iron cranes which, attached to one side of the fireplace by heavy staples, could be swung out, and were therefore much easier to manipulate. Generally the cranes were of simple practical design, but occasionally one finds a specimen that is more ornately wrought. It is obvious, however, that as antiques as well as from a decorative standpoint, they have lesser claims than the trammels.

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Item No.





ca. early 18th C. This is an original from our collection, 24" in top position, saw tooth type.




ca. 1730, fine example of an original, 48" in top position




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