Tall Case Clock Hinges





Tall case clock hinges will be made to your order at the prices listed.
See construction details below to properly order the size you need.

Construction details for "lipped" doors using the H17 or H18 hinges.

Clock doors should be made so that the lip projection from the hinge side of the door is not more than 1/8" which will allow these "proper" hinges to be mounted in the "proper" manner—that is, cut through the door lip with the pin center in line with the face of the door. The hinge offset necessary to center the mounting screw holes on the door and on the frame will equal the lip thickness—usually 3/8" on new work but 5/16" or 1/4" sizes are also standard.

When ordering H17 or H18 hinges, please state (A) Door thickness, (B) Frame thickness, (C) Lip size measured as part of the door thickness.

On the following sketch "A" represents the door thickness, "B" represents the frame thickness, and "C" represents the thickness of the lip. The lip thickness usually specified for new work is 3/8", but some of the old clocks use 5/16 or 1/2". This lip thickness will correspond to the offset on the H17 or H18 hinges. Lip thickness is the same as offset only when frame and door thickness are the same.


Please see installation notes for more information about ordering.


Cat. No.





1-1/8" along pin x leaf size required for offset




1-1/8" along pin x leaf size required for offset






The following hinges are made like the H18 illustrated but the offset can not be changed. For "special" sizes use the price of H18-066.  







1" along pin, 1/4" offset




1-1/4" along pin, 1/4" offset




1-5/8" along pin, 1/8" offset




No changes are possible on H18-067, 068 or 069.



Cat. No.





Terry Type Clock hood door




Grandfather Clock hood door




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