Special Options for Locks





One or more items from the following list may be added to the lock you order to make it fit your exact requirements.

Cat. No.




NON STANDARD KNOBS OR DROPS - See knobs and drops.



F32 size 2" is standard on 9 x 6" or larger locks



F32 size 1-3/4" is standard on 8 x 4-1/2" locks



F32 size 1-3/4" is standard on 6 x 4" locks



F32 size 1-3/4" is standard on larger (2) carpenter locks



F32 size 1-1/2" is standard on small carpenter locks



F32 size 1-1/2" is standard on interior plate latches



ADD charge XSP-001 and price of selected F32, F34, X820, X840, or X844 to lock, and DEDUCT price of STANDARD knobs outlined above. Carpenter locks should use ONLY the standard knobs.



FULL SIZE KEEPER: as shown with-X100



"REVERSE" BOLT WITH FLAT KEEPER: For single doors, required when the door swings away from the side on which you wish to mount the lock. Determine the hand of the LOCK as if the door swings to the side with the lock on it. State right (or left) hand lock REVERSE BOLT. Not available for Carpenter locks.



"REVERSE" BOLT AND REGULAR KEEPER WITH "TANG": For double doors. Determine "hand" as above. Rabbeted doors MAY require additional charges. Send detail of door for quotation. Not available for Carpenter locks.



"DEAD" BOLT ON CYLINDER KEY LOCKS: Square ended locking bolt, must be key locked or unlocked. Allows removal of key from the lock when unlocked. Recommended for public buildings where accidental locking or key theft would be possible with the spring loaded lock bolt. Not normally required for home use, except for added security.



METAL DOOR FITTINGS: To mount the 8 x 4-1/2 or 9 x 6 X90 locks on standard metal doors with or without PREDRILLED "KNOBSET" holes in them, include: machine screw mounting blocks, a special L203 cylinder cover, and a cover for the door edge hole if required Send door detail for proper fitting.






Special Finishes



Antique finish for brass locks



Antique finish for brass parts of iron lock



Silver chrome or other plating. Cost varies depending on quantity of pieces involved. Minimum cost is listed.




Special Lock Options



THUMB SLIDE LOCK BOLT: For X90 or X100 locks, (not available for Carpenter locks). An added I bolt operated from the lock side only. Standard on all X95 locks.



HEAVY DUTY BEARINGS: For any lock where constant use is anticipated, especially buildings open to the public (not normally required on residences). Changes include Heavy Duty spindle bearings, a lock hold back device so that the key may be removed from the X90 locks when the door is to be open, and a heavy duty spindle bearing for the exterior knob.



"REVERSE" KEEPER: For bar and thumb latches, is a flat keeper to mount on the jamb. A shallow slot must be cut in the jamb for the bar to pass to the keeper. This allows the handle part of the latch to be mounted on the side the door swings to.



HAND FORGED LOCK OPTION: available on all iron locks except "Carpenter".



EMERGENCY EGRESS: Allows both latch and lock bolt to be opened by the interior knob. For use on public buildings, etc.


XSP-015 EMERGENCY INGRESS for X95 series locks. Used to gain entry into a locked X95 from outside of the door. $



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