Sash and Casement Window Fittings






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Fine Quality Brass Sash lock


X1280 is the forerunner of most of the modern types of sash locks and a necessary and popular item.



Fine Quality Brass Casement window lock


X1290 is also of solid brass and used on casement windows. Two types of keepers are available for windows that swing "out" or "in."



Sash Catch for windows without weights, brass




Sash Catch, spring type, iron with brass button




Sash Peg on Thong, may also be used as thumb latch lock


X1285 and X1287 are used on very early lift sash with slotted or ratcheted frames or sash. Give full details for quotation. X1289, hand forged peg-on-thong, used for window lock. Just drill through sash. This is also used to lock thumb latch bars.


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