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The Chas. Strelinger Co., of Detroit Michigan, was credited with the development of the method for figuring the hand of doors, according to an article in the November, 1886 issue of Carpentry and Building. The method was well received and became the standard used today.

Details Critical to Filling an Order for Door Hardware.

Before trying to place an order for door hardware, jot down a few details about the door and its hardware:


Common Door Construction Terms
Basic Door Measurements
Points from Which Locks are Measured
Taking Bit and Cylinder Lock Measurements
Details to Which Standard Hardware can be applied
Doors, Meetings, Stiles and Stops
Construction Details Impacting Hardware Selection
Types and Conditions of Bevel
Figuring Door Hardware
Hands of Distinctive Rim Locks
Identifying Lock Parts
Hand of Doors and Locks

Determining the Hand of Locks & Doors

The rules for handing were set down in the 1880s, giving the industry an established standard that had been sadly lacking. There are exceptions to the handing rules for specific cases. When needed, the hand of the door is also the hand of the lock and butt.

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Fireplace Cranes

For ordering a fireplace crane, we need some measurements

Glossary - Technical Terms as Applied to Builders' Hardware

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