Iron Chandeliers

R ound or oval chandeliers with many candles were used on the Continent to light the large rooms. These were usually decorative and normally "heavy" in appearance. Apparently the smaller ones made in this country were not popular, or at least they did not remain so, as few 18th century examples can be found today.

The three variations pictured here are not copies of any known original, but are similar to several known examples with all iron parts. We combined the simplicity of hand forged iron, with the beauty of polished brass, creating a chandelier that will add to any den, kitchen or hallway in a subtle manner.

These W455 fixtures are all made to order, to fit each particular installation. Prices range from about $270.00 for a round 3 arm candle burning type, to about $750.00 for a 12 arm oval. Please send full room details and measurements to aid us in providing the proper size and the amount of lighting desired. We would welcome the opportunity to quote on your requirements, large or small.

Please read the information we need before you place an order and also read general information.

W455-002, 6 Heart arms, electrified W455-022 8 arm 12 light, electrified
6 Heart arm chandelier 12 light electrified chandelier
W455-019, brass band with 6 iron arms and 9 lights, 28" wide Special "Wagon Wheel" light.   3 available. Wooden wheel with iron arms and brass candle cups.
9 light with brass band Wagon wheel light
W455-004 Viking Ship W455-005 8 arm with brass trim, electrified
8 light Viking ship chandelier electrified 8 arm chandelier with brass trim
W455-021 21 light "Life Magazine Dream House" W455-023 smaller version of 021 with 12 lights
Life magazine Dream House edition 12 light hanging chandelier
Vanity Light - this is a half round light suitable for mounting over a sink or vanity.  Round plate at back of light will cover a standard electrical box.  
Vanity light  

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