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Chandeliers, hanging lamps, and matching wall sconces can be fabricated to match almost any design you wish. The light units shown are made from solid metals, to the highest standards. The combination of solid bar, castings, tubing and glass of any style allow us to create new fixtures or copy exactly the original designs from the 1800s. Duplication of these lights, or fabrication of  your new light can be done to quotation. We will use the finest materials fabricated to our own high standards, fitted with UL approved appliances to create the fixtures you want.

INSTALLATION DETAILS: Electrified sconces have backplates large enough to cover the outlet box for regular installation. Special provision has to be made when any other pattern of backplate is used. Sometimes it is possible, where the walls are to be replastered, papered or painted, to provide the outlet with a hidden cover so that a small base could be used. The same is true where sconces are used on wood paneling. If you wish to have electric sconces other than as listed, suggestions can be made if you give us all the details.

SOCKETS AND BULBS: We use standard "Edison" sockets only on the hanging lamps with a single socket. For these we carry a clear 40W bulb. All other electrified units have a "Candelabra" size socket. We carry 8, 10, 15, 25, and 40 Watt bulbs for this size. ALL FIXTURES ARE COMPLETE WITH BULBS OF THE TYPE NORMALLY REQUESTED.

STOCK FINISH: Sconces are never lacquered or finished in antique finish except to special order. In the early days such lighting fixtures were kept polished and for that reason, wherever it is practical these are made so they can be removed from the wall for cleaning. As an example, candle burning sconces of the patterns W160, W166, W167and W169 can be lifted out of the backplate socket. On all of the "candle burning, with shade" sconces, the candle socket can be removed for cleaning by unscrewing the acorn.


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