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Candle burning wall sconces provided illumination for tasks and gatherings in colonial and traditional homes of the 1700-1800's. Today, electrified sconces serve the same function. We are able to match wall sconces and chandeliers to give you an authentic appearance reflecting the finest designs of an earlier era. The lights shown are made from solid metal castings or tubing. Hand blown glass allows us to copy original designs as well as creating new styles with the ambience of the best originals. We can also fabricate lights to your own designs. All will be created with the finest materials and be made to our high standards.

All scones are fitted with UL approved appliances.

 Sold in Pairs

Cat. No.





Candle burning, single




Candle burning, double




Candle burning, triple




Candle burning, single




Candle burning, double




Candle burning, triple




Candle burning, single




Electrified, with shade, single




Electrified, with shade, double




Electrified, without shade, single




Electrified, without shade, double


Style W160 is offered for candle burning only. The arm swivels and may be lifted out of the socket for easy polishing. The shade on this and all other sconces, whether candle or electric, may be removed for cleaning.

Sconce W161 is a candle burning pattern that is excellent for a small room because it is close to the wall. We recommend 8-1/2" shade but you may select any size at no extra charge. Shade lifts out of the arm and the non-swiveling arm is removable.

Style W162 is a very popular design. It is usually used in rooms with chandelier W140 because the arms and general style are harmonious.

Standout sizes: All W162 sconces are illustrated with the standard long arm, providing a standout of 12-1/2". We also have a SHORT version in this same pattern providing a standout of only 8-1/2". To order the SHORT version, state W162, and the type desired, and SHORT ARM. Details and prices are the same as listed.

All of the W163 style sconces are popular, but the most beautiful is W163-CS1. This particular number is something very special because it has a flat mounting plate back of the base that permanently mounts on the wall. It is merely necessary to release a hidden catch and give it a slight twist to remove the entire sconce. The cup in which the glass is seated is also a separate piece. You can readily see that this can be easily polished and washed and replaced on the wall with the least possible effort and with little chance of marking the wall.

The back plate diameter is 3-1/4". A 10" shade is supplied unless otherwise requested. Standoutis 8-1/2".The catalog number on the above is W163-CS1 (as illustrated).

The W163-E10 and W163-ES1 sconces (as illustrated) are electrified and have a 4-1/4" dia. base needed to cover standard electric outlet box.


Cat. No.





Candle burning, with shade, single




Candle burning, with shade, double




Electrified, without shade, single




Electrified, without shade, double




Electrified, with shade, single




Electrified, with shade, double



 Price for Each



Candle burning only, 23" tall. Separate backplates are used for the sconce and the smoke bell. The sconce arm is the same as W163-CS1. The smoke bell only is available for use with other sconces, and is listed below.




Smoke bell only as used on W165ACS. To order separately, state standout required, and diameter of the top of the shade.




Candle burning only, 23" tall. Cast brass one piece backplate with arm and smoke bell like W165-ACS. The fixture hangs on a hidden bracket, and may be removed from the wall for polishing.




Candle burning 18" Puppybone size of W165-KES




Electrified 18" Puppybone size of W165-NES




Electrified, 26" tall. Cast Brass backplate is 2-1/4" wide to cover a standard electrical outlet box. A 10" flared shade is standard as illustrated.




Electrified, 26" tall. As W165-KES, the shade used is the same as W151 8-1/2" diameter, the shade is removable, and is held in place by a band at the top.



W165-KES and NES fixtures may be ordered for candle burning, instead of electrified, without change in cost.



Sold in Pairs



Candle burning only, 8" shade and cup, and arm lifts off separately for cleaning.




Candle burning only with single arm.




Candle burning only with double arm.




Candle burning only with triple arm.




Candle burning only. This very fine sconce is supplied with 10" shade. Shade lifts out of its ring but arm is fastened to backplate. A faithful reproduction of a popular looking glass sconce. Optional features available at additional cost include a 13" shade, as well as a special backing plate permitting the entire sconce to be removed from the wall. This is very convenient for polishing or cleaning.




Candle burning only. The looking glass sconce was mounted on the frame of the glass and provided light for yesterday's primping. Our sconce is a faithful reproduction available in a single or double arm version. Total standout is 5", backplate size is 3" high x 2" wide. Extra special care is taken on these to assure that every detail will stand close inspection.




Candleburning double arm without shade


W172-E20 Brass wall sconce to match W141 chandelier. $400.00
W173-E20 Brass wall sconce to match W136 chandelier. $400.00



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