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One of our beautiful brass chandeliers could be the focal point of your home, office or historic building.

The W135 "Independence Hall" brass chandelier is the same light you see when visiting the birthplace of our nation in Philadelphia. This electric chandelier is designed for a large space as it is 40" overall diameter and 32" high top to bottom not including any chain. The body is 7-1/2" in diameter. The weight is about 90 pounds. Iron chain and a hand forged iron hook are supplied to hang this 18th century chandelier. Check with your electrician about installation of these brass lights. Every piece of this historic light is cast brass, turned, fitted and finished to the highest standards as were the original brass chandeliers. The wires on the electrified version are mounted on the outside. We do lacquer this chandelier, and the finish should last for about 2 to 3 years doing nothing more than carefully dusting the light. Shipment must be made by truck. Due to the special nature of this item, please allow about three months for completion.


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Independence Hall brass chandelier, electrified, with 7 cast brass arms




Independence Hall chandelier, candle burning, with 7 arms


14 arm brass chandelier 


14 Arm brass chandelier. Beautiful copy of an 18th Century candle burning chandelier.  This one is shown electrified and is 32" wide and 34" high.


7 arm brass chandelier 


7 Arm brass chandelier
32" wide and 24" high.

Matching sconces available in the W173 series.


14 arm brass chandelier 


14 Arm brass chandelier
44" wide x 33" tall


 5 arm brass chandelier


5 Arm brass chandelier with glass shades
22" wide x 17" tall

Matching sconces available in the W172 series.


 6 arm brass band chandelier


6 Arm chandelier with bright brass band, dark antique arms and flower rosettes. Candle burning
 22" wide


W140 Series Brass Chandeliers

Our most popular historic light for the traditional home is cast brass throughout. The arms are "split" vertically, cast in halves, carefully fitted and silver soldered together. This allows us to "hide" the wire on the electrified versions. All parts to the ceiling shown are included. A 3/8" FPT adapter is furnished for connection to a standard ceiling electrical box.

Hand-blown 10" flared shades are furnished as standard on these lights. An 8" shade may be substituted without added cost. Usually these are desirable only on the three arm units where the room is small. Normally a room that is 12' x 15' can use the standard shades.

The overall diameter is 28" to the outside of the 10" shades and 20" to the center of the candle. The body is 15" high. Minimum hanging height is 27". The standard hanging height with 4 "S" links is 30". Additional S-links may be added for use with high ceilings. Total weight is about 40 pounds.

Please allow about 4 to 6 weeks for completion. Shipment must be made by truck.

The normal hanging height for a chandelier is about 6'6" from the floor. The fixture may be lower if over a table where chandeliers can drop to about 30" from the top of the table. The size of the chandelier could be 6 to 12" less than the width of your table.


For matching wall sconces, see the Brass Interior Scones page.


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Electrified 3 arm brass chandelier 


3 arm brass chandelier with glass shades, electrified




Electrified, 5 arm, with shades


Electrified 3 arm brass chandelier without shades 


Electrified, 3 arm, without shades




Electrified, 5 arm, without shades




Candle burning, 3 arm, with shades




Candle burning, 5 arm, with shades




Candle burning, 3 arm, without shades


Candle burning 5 arm brass chandelier 


Candle burning, 5 arm, without shades






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