The finest skill of the smith has often been brought into play in the making of fireplace accessories, and it is interesting to follow his fancy in the molding of shovel-handles or in the fashioning of the many quaint and substantial andirons, or "fire dogs," and other handy utensils of the hearth. This term, by the way, was generally applied to a lower and rougher sort of andiron which held the back log in a large fireplace.


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Some original andirons of this type are attributed to Paul Revere. Our patterns were taken from a well known but unsigned pair. The column and finial are cast from split patterns and silver soldered together, the ball and claw feet are cast brass, and the back legs are forged iron with a cast brass cover. Height 23", width 12", depth 24".




Although not as famous a pattern as the "Revere" andirons, this pattern is very pleasing, from the same period, and blends well with any formal setting. Construction details are the same as the "Revere" andirons. They are 25" high, 12" wide and 24" deep.




Brass with ball top finial




Brass with double lemon finial




Brass with steeple top finial




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"Independence Hall Andirons." The originals that we copied for "Independence Hall" date from about 1760. A split turned cast brass 8" high finial rests on a cast iron column and hand forged iron legs 17" wide producing an overall height of 26". Please note that this pair MUST be used in a LARGE fireplace.




Made like the "Independence Hall" andirons with hand forged legs 11" wide, cast iron column and split cast diamond and flame finial. The overall height is 20". The iron portion with log stops was copied from an original in our collection, the finial is of the type used on many andirons during the 18th century.




The original knife blade andirons illustrated, were of a type that was popular and practical throughout the 18th century. Hundreds were produced by many different craftsmen in the Colonies and were fitted with a wide variety of brass finials. The approximate sizes are 20" high and 11" wide.




Knife blade andirons as above, with diamond and flame finial.




Brass Ball top, 19" high



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